Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

ENERXICO aims to have an impact on the exploration, production, transport and refining areas of the oil and gas industry. 

ENERXICO enables the development and application of state-of-the-art computational and experimental tools for efficient industrial-scale hydrocarbon exploitation. HPC seismic modeling and inversion codes, highly consistent with real wave physics, are enhanced and evaluated within the project. Their main application is to assist on field assessment and imaging of complex Earth models, as demanded by modern oil and gas (O&G) exploration. Multiphase flows are precisely modeled during hydrocarbon production in naturally fractured reservoirs and during pipeline transportation, by means of novel and massively parallel fluid simulators with high physical fidelity. This project also aims at suitably exploiting in-silico models of new catalysts for crude oil refinement in order to reduce the dependence on traditional time-consuming laboratory experiments. Four industrial and academic partners in Europe (REPSOL, BSC, TUM, UGA) and seven similar institutions in Mexico (PEMEX, ININ, UAM-A, UNAM-FC, UNAM-IINGEN , CINVESTAV, IMP, IPN-ESIA) are jointly working in ENERXICO to improve the O&G efficiency cycle by providing and tuning these sophisticated exploitation tools.

Mitigation of uncertainties in reservoir simulation by improving the multi-physics modules of large-scale massively parallel multiphase modeling codes, to automatically combine the effects of interrelated physical and chemical phenomena. These improvements would enable accurate simulations of the in-situ recovery processes, accounting for data provided by the industrial partners. 

ENERXICO´s objectives in O&G energies:

  • Explore data processing of fine meshes to capture geological features.
  • Forecast hydrocarbon production at reservoir scale.
  • Simulate experiments that can substitute expensive real laboratory exploration for new catalysts.




Energy type Oil & gas
Collaborating institutions REPSOL, BSC, TUM, UGA
Software involved BSIT (BSC), ExaHyPE and SeisSol (TUM), SEM46 (UGA)
Main objective / mission Highly accurate seismic modeling and inversion for geophysical subsurface imaging in complex and realistic geological scenarios 
Target TRL TRL 10 
Relevant stakeholders REPSOL (BSIT), UGA (SEM46) and researchers communities of seismic imaging (ExaHyPE and SeisSol)
Achievements up to M24
Related work and further information Two journal papers (in preparation, submitted) and three conference talks (SIAM 2021: GS21) 


Exascale outlook

Exascale target (capability/capacity)

Exploiting exascale computing for seismic wave modeling in 3D real-scale complex geologies in the presence of hydrocarbon bodies, as those found in Mexican oil and gas prospects

Main benefits expected from large increase in compute resources
  • Computationally achievable numerical modeling, being more consistent to wave physics in coupled fluid-solid, anisotropic and poro elastic materials
  • Processing and inversion of large seismic datasets as those acquired by industrial-scale marine surveys

Main challenges in harnessing large compute resources
Portability of our physically general and CPU-based codes may be challenging to small- or moderate-sized HPC systems
Specific actions towards exascale at present time Optimization of the core propagator for accelerated architectures such as GPUs and FPGAs is an ongoing work


Computational details BSIT

  Number of Cores / GPUs Memory (GB) Storage (GB) both temporal and permanent #Files written both temporal and permanent
Minimum 1 1GB 0 0
Average N/A N/A N/A N/A
Maximum 48000 18TB 200TB ~100,000


Computational details SEM46 (Restriction for distribution)

  Number of Cores / GPUs Memory (GB) Storage (GB) both temporal and permanent #Files written both temporal and permanent
Minimum 32 1.2GB 2GB 6
Average N/A N/A N/A N/A
Maximum 19200 18TB 1TB



Computational details SeisSol

  Number of Cores / GPUs Memory (GB) Storage (GB) both temporal and permanent #Files written both temporal and permanent
Minimum 48 96GB N/A N/A
Average 4800 9.6TB 500GB ~100
Maximum 19200 38TB 500GB



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