All public ENERXICO deliverables are listed below:

D1.1 Report on efficiency assessment of HPC codes in intra and multi-node

D1.2 Report on intranode and multi-node optimizations for HPC codes

D1.3 Report on enabling computational and energy efficient codes for the Exascale

D2.1 Report on classification of different wind conditions relevant for wind turbine design by specifying relevant external parameters in complex flow situations

D2.2 Report on the methodology of the different meso-scale micro-scale coupling algorithms developed

D2.3 Report on the validation and benchmarking of the different meso-scale micro-scale coupling techniques

D3.1 Report on numerical modeling performance for challenging subsurface targets

D3.2 Pipeline flow simulation demonstrator

D3.3 Report on numerical and computational developments for reservoir simulations together with industry validation

D3.4 Report on developments for hydrocarbon refinement

D4.1 Report on the characterization of the physico-chemical properties of the fuels under investigation

D4.2 Report on the modeling approach proposed in the project to model turbulent spray flames using large-eddy simulation

D4.3 Report on the experimental database generated after the measurement campaigns at EU and Mexico of the proposed fuels for transportation

D4.4 Report on the validation of the numerical simulations conducted for inert and reacting sprays as well as the engine facility located at CMT

D5.2 Data Management Plan

D6.1 Dissemination Plan

D6.3 Final Dissemination and Exploitation Report