One of the biggest challenges in wind energy meteorology predicting the incoming wind to a turbine. There needs to be improved understanding of the local-scale physics, its interplay with the larger mesoscales characterizing the weather, and the turbine itself.

In order to address this challenge, ENERXICO will do research in novel wind energy design tools. The focus will be on developing and validating methodologies that support the understanding and prediction of the relevant atmospheric scales of motion for the operation and performance of wind turbines and farms in complex wind situations by taking advantage of next generation supercomputers.

ENERXICO´s objectives in renewable energies:

  • Classify different wind conditions relevant for wind turbine design by specifying relevant external parameters in complex flow situations focusing on the needs of the meso-scale microscale coupling.
  • Develop and implement both dynamic and statistical techniques for the coupling of mean flow and turbulence from the meso-scale via numerical weather prediction.
  • Assess the developed meso-scale micro-scale coupling techniques in complex flow.