Paper submissions are available on "Towards Exascale HPC and Data Intensive Algorithms in the Energy Industry" special issue
07 July 2021

Oriol Lehmkuhl, Senior Researcher at the Department of Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (CASE) of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and member of the ENERXICO project, is the guest editor of the Energies special issue "Towards Exascale HPC and Data Intensive Algorithms in the Energy Industry"José María Cela, ENERXICO´s European coordinator and Director of the Computing Applications for Science and Engineering (CASE) department at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and Jaime Klapp, ENERXICO´s Mexican coordinator and head of the Computational Fluid Dynamics group at ININ, as well as co-founder of the Cinvestav-Abacus supercomputing centre, are co-guest editors.

This special issue explores different exascale candidate problems for the energy industry, targeting possible novel algorithms and modeling approaches and it focuses on the following problems of energy industry, specially targeting oil and gas, biofuel and wind energy:

  • Geophysical exploration for subsalt hydrocarbons
  • Reservoir modeling in naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Multiphase flows in pipelines with heavy oil
  • Molecular modeling of catalysts for heavy oil refining
  • Combustion simulation tools to optimize fuel–biofuel design and performance towards more sustainable and greener transport systems
  • Develop methodologies to understand and predict the multi-scale atmospheric motion relevant for the operation and performance of wind farms in complex wind situations

All papers should be submitted online before 30 April 2022 and will be peer-reviewed. The accepted ones will be published in the journal as soon as accepted and will also be listed together on the special issue website.

ENERXICO encourages researchers from the energy field to submit papers. All the information may be found in the Energies journal website.