ENERXICO researcher visits the Barcelona Supercomputing Center through the HPC-Europa3 programme
06 March 2020

Yang Li is a researcher from the University of Grenoble Alpes. Within the ENERXICO project he works on benchmarking the 3D time-domain elastic wave modeling code SEM46 for seismic waveform applications. In this interview he talks about how joining the HPC-Europa3 programme is helping him accelerate the progress of his work for ENERXICO.

How did you hear about the HPC-Europa3 programme?

I heard about it through another partner in the ENERXICO project who is working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He mentioned that it would be a good opportunity for me to get to know BSC and use the HPC facilities here to carry out my work.

How do you think coming to BSC through HPC-Europa3 will help with your work in ENERXICO?

I´m working mostly in modelling elastic wave equations and running them through a powerful supercomputer like BSC´s MareNostrum4 will allow me to make my modelling scales much larger in a much shorter amount of time. Back at the University of Grenoble Alpes we only use local clusters which do not have the hardware efficient enough to conduct large-scale modelling, while the MareNostrum4 can provide me all these. Additionally, meeting other ENERXICO partners and discussing issues with them face-to-face have been very productive. I feel that we have progressed more than when we were just talking via email or Skype. Coming to BSC will definitely allow me to accelerate my work for ENERXICO. I´m very happy that the HPC-Europa3 programme has made this all possible for me.

You mentioned that you are visiting BSC for five weeks. Will this be enough time for you to accomplish what you plan to do?

I think that I can finish what I plan to do in five weeks. Before coming to Barcelona I had already prepared my data and this allowed me to start running it through the MareNostrum4 almost immediately. In fact, I was already launching big jobs on my second day here!

We hope that you are also able to do some fun things around Barcelona. Are there any places you plan to see in your free time?

Well, this is my third time here so I´ve been to many of the tourist attractions already. However, this time I plan to finally see the inside of the Sagrada Familia. I also enjoy hiking so it would be interesting to explore the mountains and trails outside the city.


HPC-Europa3 is a transnational access programme that allows researchers to:

  • access to world-class HPC systems to academic and industrial researchers
  • scientific collaboration with host researchers in any field
  • technical support by the HPC centres
  • travel and living expenses reimbursed

More information here: http://www.hpc-europa.eu/programme