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Interview with PEMEX Technical Specialist Jose Antonio Guevara Gonzalez

18 February 2021

Jose Antonio Guevara Gonzalez is a Level "A" Technical Specialist in the Secondary and Enhanced Recovery Management Area in PEMEX´s Exploration and Production Unit. His research area is on ...

The ENERXICO Women in Science

11 February 2021

To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on 11 February 2021, we recognise two important female researchers within the ENERXICO project: Carolina Zuriaga Monroy (Instituto...

ENERXICO paper ranked one of top 25 at SEG Annual Meeting

25 January 2021

An ENERXICO paper titled “3D acoustic-(visco)elastic coupled formulation and its spectral-element implementation on a Cartesian-based hexahedral mesh”, presented by Jian Cao (Université Grenoble...

Videos of ENERXICO-supported training course on computational seismology now online

22 December 2020

ENERXICO supported the CHEESE Advanced Training on HPC for Computational Seismology in relation to ExaHyPE, a software engine for solving systems of first-order hyperbolic partial...

Watch now: ENERXICO video in English and Spanish

9 December 2020

ENERXICO has recently launched a video to describe its objectives and main research lines. The video is available in English and Spanish and can be viewed below. English version Spanish...

Developing a computational framework for virtual testing of alternative fuels at relevant engine environments

25 November 2020

ENERXICO researchers have been working on the development of a computational framework to investigate the combustion performance of liquid fuels in internal combustion (IC) engines using a virtual...

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