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Fundamental studies of particulate formation with renewable fuels

11 June 2020

Within the framework of ENERXICO, advanced modelling tools for high-fidelity combustion simulations are developed to study the use of renewable fuels in future sustainable transportation systems....

Reducing risks in the oil and gas energy sector through HPC-powered seismic imaging

21 May 2020

Example of the wavefield during forward elastic seismic propagation through a 2D Earth model with density in the background, illustrating the complexity of the wavefield.   The...

Women in Science: Multiscale numerical simulation expert talks about her journey in research

6 May 2020

  Estela Mayoral Villa is a researcher at the National Institute for Nuclear Research (ININ) and is a member of the Computational Fluid Dynamics group at the institute. She is an expert...

Optimising wind farm design using computational fluid dynamics

24 April 2020

The design of a wind farm encompasses many complex steps, from the selection of the most adequate turbine model to their optimum location in the available land and, moreover, the prediction of its...

Preparing energy industry HPC codes for exascale

10 April 2020

Code optimisation is the practice of improving the efficiency of a computer code, a program or a software library. These improvements generally allow the resulting program to execute more quickly...

ENERXICO researcher visits the Barcelona Supercomputing Center through the HPC-Europa3 programme

6 March 2020

Yang Li is a researcher from the University of Grenoble Alpes. Within the ENERXICO project he works on benchmarking the 3D time-domain elastic wave modeling code SEM46 for seismic waveform...

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