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Experimental database with renewable fuels is available on ENERXICO website

28 June 2021

Within the framework of the ENERXICO project, advanced modelling tools for high-fidelity combustion simulations have been developed to study the use of renewable fuels in future sustainable...

What is the role of ENERXICO in HPC and Geophysics? The project holds its second webinar

8 June 2021

Under the title “Subsurface exploration with HPC” on 2 June 2021 took place the second webinar of the ENERXICO project, a Europe-Mexico collaboration that aims to develop performance simulation tools...

The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco (UAM-A) works on the development of Black Hole (BH) code

19 May 2021

The Black Hole (BH) code is a massively parallel reservoir simulator based on Mixture Theory and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics techniques. The ENERXICO partners at the Universidad Autónoma...

ENERXICO holds its first webinar about meso-microscale coupling for wind resource assessment

7 May 2021

On 16 April 2021 took place the first webinar entitled “Meso-microscale coupling for wind resource assessment in complex terrain: a critical discussion from the modelling, HPC and industrial point of...

Experimental campaign at UNAM’s Multiphase Flow Laboratory

20 April 2021

Despite the severe delays caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the last batch of experimental measurements was delivered on schedule to the partners of the ENERXICO project. The first data set was...

The role of the WRF code for the improvement of wind farm design within ENERXICO

8 April 2021

Recent developments and needs in wind farm design and optimization require improvements in the modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), from the surface to the free atmosphere. Such...

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